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Monday-Thursday: 12:00am-10pm
Friday-Saturday: 12:00am-11pm

Sunday: 12pm- 8pm

"The Loudest Candy Shop in the Quiet Corner"

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Any Candy Shop Worth Its Weight in Candy Has Mix & Match Bulk Candy!
Sweet Emotions Goes a Little Too Far, and By Too Far, We Mean SERIOUSLY TOO FAR!

Let Sweet Emotions Candy Tantalize You! 400+ Candy Choices!

Mix and Match any candy by putting a glove on your hand to reach in and take what you want! Get one piece or get so much candy, friends and family will come from out of town for an intervention!

No Matter What Candy You Think Of... Sweet Emotions Candy Has It!

  • The oddest Gummi... We Have It!
  • The Coolest Thing Covered in Chocolate - We Have That, Too!
  • Gums, Maltballs, Sours, Whatevers? We Have It!
  • Organic, Local , Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Fair-Trade, and Sugarless - We Have Something For Everyone!

Largest Candy Counter in Connecticut!

Sweet Emotions Candy boasts the Largest Candy Counter in Connecticut. Come and enjoy it all! Seriously, quit reading this and get down here! Come once. . .You’ll Be Back!

Sweet Emotions is Candy Madness--All Yours to Mix, Sample & Taste to Your Heart’s Content:  FANTABULOUS!